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Acupuncture for Scar Tissue Pain

A question my patients often ask is, “What’s the most needles you’ve ever put in someone at once.” Often this question comes after all their needles are in place and they’re looking down in bemusement at the proliferation of needles sprouting from their arms and legs. Wondering, no doubt, if they might be in contention […]

How to Make Lasting Healthy Lifestyle Changes This Season

Deciding to obtain a healthy lifestyle is one of the best choices you will ever make, and the accompanying mood boost from the arrival of warm weather makes this the perfect time to do it. The mere fact that you want to undertake this self-improvement project is admirable, and you should be proud of yourself. […]

Yin and Yang: The Dynamic Balance

The Yin-Yang symbol is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Though some people here in the West think of it as a religious symbol that is not completely accurate. It was originally a statement of how the natural world functions. The Chinese character for “yang” literally translates as “the sunny side […]

Acupuncture and Herbs: The Best Bet for Vascular Headaches

A new research study conducted at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chongqing Medical University showed acupuncture combined with an herbal formula outperformed nimodipine (sold under the brand names Nimotop and Nymalize) in the treatment of vascular headaches. Vascular headaches are a group of headaches thought to be caused by a malfunction of the […]

What’s That Point For? Shenmen and Point Zero

The professor who taught the basic classes covering acupuncture point location and functions had a phrase he would use to signal us that a certain point would not be on our tests: “Not a widely-used point.” There are 365 regular acupuncture points, plus a couple hundred “extra” points plus innumerable points used by the many […]

Acupuncture for Depression: New Research

A new study published in the journal Neural Regeneration Research reveals more of the physiological mechanisms through which acupuncture treats depression. The study found that acupuncture alleviates depression by normalizing gene expression. The researchers state that, “depression causes ‘abnormal gene expression’ in ‘a large number of genes’ and add that this deleteriously affects ‘multiple brain functions’ and affects […]

TCM’s View of Disease Part II: Signs and Symptoms

In a recent post I talked about the Traditional Chinese Medicine conception of disease as something that arises when the body’s constitutional environment creates the correct conditions for it. But the question still remains how the same constitutional environment can create different signs and symptoms in different people. Or even why the signs and symptoms […]

October 2013 Formula Spotlight

We have been posting Formula Spotlights on our Facebook page. During the first full week of each month we’ll be archiving all of the previous month’s Formula Spotlights here on our blog. Be sure to click on the link and like our Facebook page to see them first. Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan Xiang […]

Halloween Special: TCM for the Zombie Invasion

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Hordes of shambling zombies have risen up and overwhelmed human civilization. Now the smallest advantage can mean the difference between life and a horrible, stumbling undeath. Whether you’re reading this in a boarded up house near a cemetery, a barricaded shopping mall a re-purposed prison or even from […]