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June 2013 Formula Spotlight

Starting in June, every other Thursday (well almost) we have been posting a Formula Spotlight on our Facebook page. On the first Thursday of each month we’ll be archiving all of the previous month’s Formula Spotlights here on our blog. Be sure to click on the link and like our Facebook page to see them first. […]

Organs in TCM: The Spleen

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), organs are described in terms of relationships, characteristics and functions that together give a sense of the organ’s ‘nature’ and role in maintaining health. Here is the description of the TCM Spleen. Spleen: Element: Earth Flavor: Sweet Emotion: Worry Tissue Type: Muscles and Limbs External Manifestation: Lips Opening: Mouth Governs […]

The Organs in Chinese Medicine

“Don’t tell patients their heart pulse is weak,” my supervisor said, “they panic and go see their cardiologist and then when the cardiologist tells them their heart is fine they never come back.” This illustrates what is probably the greatest source of confusion and miscommunication between Chinese medicine practitioners and others, both patients and healthcare […]

The Care and Feeding of the Common Digestive System Part II

Part I of this post covered principles that, if followed, could allow a slightly impaired digestive system to recover. This post will go over some steps to take if your digestive situation is more serious. Signs and symptoms of this degree of impairment would be abdominal fullness after even small meals, a sensation of cold […]

The Care and Feeding of the Common Digestive System Part I 4

A healthy digestive system is one of the major cornerstones of a healthy body. The nutrients our digestive systems extract from the food we consume provide us with not only the energy we need to lead our daily lives, but also the resources the body needs to heal and renew itself. While our digestive systems […]